Advice and safety

La Cabane de Calys French manufacturer since 1998:

A commitment to your baby’s health and safety

The wood, most recommended raw material wood

Manufactured according to EN-716 & EN-12221(2013) standards, in solid wood from managed forests, our furniture is tested and certified by approved French laboratories to ensure baby safety.

Our furniture is assembled mechanically, without glues for baby’s well being.

All our furniture is finished with water colors, natural waxes or harmless paintings and varnishes for baby. Our colours & varnishes comply with EN 71-3(2014)

Green furniture for a healthier world and, a wooden room for babies and children respectful of nature and healthy for the child

Tips for maintenance::

- Dusting with a dry cloth without alcohol or solven

- Clean rebellious spots with a microfiber cloth or slightly damp sponge, under no circumstances the abrasive side.

- Do not use solvent or detergents

- No need to use furniture cleaners that make furniture sticky and dusty.

- Especially do not use cleansing towelettes that usually contain alcohol, at the risk that the surface of your furniture will flake.

Do not put baby wipes on your dresser these too usually contain alcohol like phenoxyethanol which even in small amounts can eventually deteriorate the surface of your furniture, and of course be dangerous for baby.

A last little tip for your furniture, do not place them next to heat sources such as heating, wood stove...

La Cabane de Calys advises you on the health of our baby:

- For the mattress, avoid polyurethane foams and prefer a 100% natural latex mattress or a biological baby mattress.

- Avoid toys or let them ventilate for two days before handing them over to your baby.

- Avoid any fragrant toy that may cause allergies.

- Prefer organic cotton doudous

La Cabane de Calys is committed to the reforest'action side to restore the environment!! 

Because we want to continue to make wooden furniture,

Because we want to continue to equip ourselves with healthy and natural products,

Because we want to preserve our health and the health of our little ones,

Because trees are our oxygen,

The Cabane de Calys has decided to invest in the reforestation and preservation of our forests with the reforest'action association.

So every day we restore our environment

Let’s help our planet breathe better!!!